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Metal braces represent the most common type of braces at Evrigenis Orthodontics. These orthodontic stalwarts have a long history of successfully straightening smiles at every age for patients all across Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Sacramento Braces

At Evrigenis Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer the latest braces technology to our patients of all ages in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Traditional orthodontic braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and comprised of metal brackets that attach to your individual teeth.

These cemented brackets are linked to each other using a thin archwire. The pressure exerted on the teeth causes them to shift slowly into the actual position.

Tiny elastics, known as ligatures, are connected to the brackets, and the orthodontists like Dr. Evrigenis would have them changed every time the patient arrives for brace tightening.

Braces are great at fixing complex tooth issues. They can work faster at closing gaps and aligning teeth than other treatments. This speed can potentially shorten your treatment time at Evrigenis Orthodontics.

Metal braces are cost-effective because they don’t require some of the more complex technology or expensive equipment that newer treatments do.

We understand how a dull smile may affect your appearance as it may affect your confidence. Fortunately, the procedure is quite simple.

Iconix Gold Braces

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. You shouldn’t have to give up showing it during your orthodontic treatment.

Evrigenis Orthodontics offers Iconix gold braces so you can share your beautiful smile both during and after your treatment. Iconix gives you the robustness of metal braces along with the elegance and sheen of gold.

Don’t fret over the finish of your Iconix—it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The gorgeous zirconia finish is built to last; it won’t fade or sustain damage easily.

Iconix Gold Braces

These gold-colored brackets are as durable as standard metal braces and as discreet as ceramic braces. The unique color helps them blend in with your smile without being prone to breakage like ceramic brackets.

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What Braces Can Do For Your Smile

While braces require a little more care and diligence than your regular teeth, they certainly are worth it. With braces, your teeth will be perfectly aligned, and you’ll have a smile you can be proud to show off.

While traditional braces are highly effective, it is important to follow the instructions of Dr. Evrigenis and care for the braces so that they can:

  • Keep your smile looking beautiful: Getting braces isn’t just about getting a beautiful smile: It’s mainly about getting a healthy smile. Braces target the teeth that have shifted, potentially causing problems with your bite or with your teeth’s alignment. This can cause issues with your jaw, with the alignment of your smile, and with your ability to chew and speak.
  • Keep your smile healthy: Braces can keep your smile healthy in other ways. When your teeth are straightened, they will be easier to keep clean and free of decay and disease. On top of that, your risk of gum disease decreases.
  • Help you feel more confident: Some people who get braces may feel self-conscious. Even after the braces come off, you may continue to feel insecure about your smile. With braces, you will have straight, even teeth and a healthy bite. This can give you more confidence.
  • Straighten crooked teeth: If your teeth aren’t properly aligned, your bite may be affected, and your jaw may be misaligned. This can lead to problems with your jaw and your airway, potentially leading to snoring and sleep apnea. Braces can help align your bite and straighten your teeth, which can make your jaw feel more comfortable.
  • Ensure your overall dental health: When you wear braces, they have a big effect on keeping your teeth healthy. When your teeth are properly aligned, they will be easier to keep clean, and your risk of tooth decay and gum disease decreases. This can help you keep your teeth longer.

Why Braces?

Dental research has shown that the first thing a person notices when they meet you is your smile, so make a great first impression and choose braces by an orthodontist.